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A planter designed for the work-space to notify you of the plants needs and your own. This planter promotes health and well- being at work and allows simple communications to other planters either in your own office or across the world.  


An educational board game designed to aid students as they learn vector algebra. It delivers all of the learning of a traditional vector module but in a new, fun and engaging way. 


RETHINK IT is an Anxiety Awareness Exhibit. My goal in this was to create awareness around anxiety. I felt that there was a common misconception in understanding the difference between Normal Anxiety, and an Anxiety Disorder. I hope to clarify the difference and falsify some of the myths. At the same time, I want those who do not suffer from an Anxiety Disorder to understand how it can affect one's life and what you can do to help. 


A toy oven that uses colors, shapes, and numbers to teach children the basic fundamentals of early education through play.


I sought inspiration for my charging station from Kor. I admire their sleek and minimally invasive aesthetic and how their clean design language allows for focus on the function of the product.


Bringing free, easily accessible water to Berlin's public spaces while reducing plastic and glass waste.   

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